Here at VapeUK Network we are passionate about vaping safely.  We have done countless segments in our shows to highlight battery safety, how to use mechanical mods and how to use various vaping equipment in a safe manner.

On this page you will find videos, replays of special casts and other information regarding vaping in a safe manner.

Last of the Summer Vapes: Mechanical Mod & Battery Safety Special 18/1/2017

Mechanical Mod & Battery Safety Infographics

The Dangers of Fake Batteries

ProfessorVapes has released a VERY interesting video about batteries that are available on eBay.  PLEASE make sure that you buy your batteries from a trusted supplier.

Battery Wrapping/Safety Tutorials

Vaping with Vic has produced this excellent video and tutorial on battery safety and rewrapping as part of his Electronic Cigarette 101 video series.  In the video he explains exactly how batteries are made up and also how to rewrap damaged batteries.

Below is an easy to follow tutorial from TheDevilVaper.  In the video he shows you how to rewrap 18650 batteries as well as showing some silicon battery protectors from Coilmaster.

Useful Links

Steam Engine Ohm’s Law Calculator

Mooch’s Battery Test Facebook Page

Vaping360 Battery Safety Guide

Fogstar – An excellent vendor for Batteries (all supplied in plastic cases), Battery Cases, Battery Wraps & Insulators. Code: FOGOFF10 for 10% off